Our Team

Humble Confidence
The answer is yes, now what is the question

Marilyn Zehntner, President; COO; CCO:  Marilyn runs the office and deals with the nuts and bolts of First Clearing. Support staff reports to her and makes sure all the rules and compliance of FINRA and FCC are followed. She can trade on behalf of the Financial Consultants and if an employee has a question or needs to get a ‘higher up’ answer for a client or rep, they go to Marilyn. If Gordon is considered the ‘outside guy’, Marilyn is considered the ‘inside woman.’

Gordon Rhodes, CEO; Financial Consultant: Gordon’s main job is to bring in revenue for the company. The way he does this is through the Jim / Gordon book of business and recruiting/ marketing. This must be priority #1. Gordon also is the grand vision 30,000 foot view planner and is in charge of ‘hospitality’ which constitutes working with the reps on happy hours & other events.

G’Neva Horace, Operations Specialist: G’Neva handles client paperwork and processing in operations and also works with Laurie Sepanski as her Sales Assistant. She also works a lot with our outside 1099 reps and helps with their processing.  She is able to trade investments on behalf of the Financial Consultants along with making them aware of any ‘maintenance’ that is needed on their book of business.

Mary Pili, Client Associate: Mary is the sales assistant for the ‘in-house’ reps. She handles client processing and deals with all the paperwork, wires, transfers etc.   She also manages client needs as they call in.

Cassidy Borrello, Client Associate: Cassidy is also a sales assistant for the ‘in-house’ reps.  She handles client processing and deals with all the paperwork, wires, transfers etc.  She also manages client needs as they call in.

Jim G Rhodes, Chairman of the Board: Our trusted Advisor. With Jim, it’s like you are sitting at the foot of Yoda! Take notes. Jim also helps Gordon with their private book of business.

Going along with the quote above, every position must also have the attitude of being on a team and helping each other in any way they can or is feasible (attitude is 51% of  the job here). The Reps and clients don’t work for us, we work for them. Take your job seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously. We look at our jobs here as being ‘good stewards’ of what has been entrusted to us. Ultimately that is why people and consultants alike will do business with us. Without this mentality, the team breaks down. We live to serve at Rhodes Securities!